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Badger Collectibles 4th of July Mystery Box Sale!!!!

Each Mystery Grail box is $75 plus shipping and will contain one random Funko Pop. 

While we understand that most collectors will want "guaranteed value" out of a mystery box, this is not something we can offer, and here's why:

 Offering guaranteed value AND giving you the chance to hit several autographed pops. The reality is, in order to be able to financially justify offering big hits in our boxes, there's also going to need to be some clunkers in there to offset cost of the grails. If we were to offer mega grail hits AND guarantee the value in each box on top, we wouldn't be in business very long.


The following pops do not have certification:


Itachi with Crows

Super Saiyan 3 Goku

Naruto #71

Darth Maul #299

Super Saiyan Vegeta #154

Bluntman & Chronic 2 Pack

Gabriel Iglesias #01

Stadium Fluffy #08

Jeff Dunham and Peanut #03


To be clear, you are taking a risk and there's a very real chance that you won't get a Pop that is worth what you spent. You can purchase 1 mystery box per order and mystery boxes must be purchased by themselves. Orders with more then 1 Mystery box or additional items will be cancelled. You may get a $10 Pop and you may get a $300 Pop; it all comes down to luck of the draw. All sales are final.

 Purchase a mystery box by Clicking Here.